About us

Stabilo Bau GmbH is a young, fresh and innovative construction company from the Rhine-Main area in the heart of Hesse. Our mission is short and clear: turning building ideas into projects and realizing them – on time, economically, and customer-oriented.

Since every building project is individual and always presents a challenge due to its special properties, it is all the more important to pay attention to criteria such as deadline security, material and execution quality and also the economic efficiency during implementation and ongoing operation.

Our construction projects are aimed specifically at private individuals and small to medium-sized companies. Generally we deliver everything from a single source. Of course, we also have a subcontractor portfolio to compensate for any failures or delays so that we can always deliver on time.

We always work according to German regulations and DIN standards. We do quality work with selected high-quality materials to create the best building result. This is very important to our owner and graduate engineer for civil engineering, Mr. Feyzullah Yildiz, and this is what he stands for with his name.

Your contact in all projects
Mr. Hakan Yildiz
Construction and project management

Telephone: 0159 0489 6598

We stand for partnership and trusting cooperation with handshake quality. It is the basis for long-term business relationships with our clients. When may we welcome you?

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